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Rick Rowley


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The Jena 6

The only problem with The Jena 6 (2007) is that it's just too damn short. I definitely wanted to see more of the story that this film had to tell....


I just watched this documentary and I really enjoyed it. This documentary is structured in a genius and compelling way, using various documentary forms including observational, education, poetic, and participatory...

The Jena 6

Very Eye Opening *** Having worked within the criminal justice system in the U.S.A. this documentary speaks painful truth to this ongoing Democratic Experiment in the U.S.A. It shows that...

This is What Democracy Looks Like

What a contrast to the dupes of the Tea Party. The corporate media never covers demos now unless there is violence or trashing. I believe the former police chief regretted...

Black and Gold

Very interesting subject. I wish the filmmakers would remix the audio as it's quite difficult to hear the interviews and narration over the music bed.