Richard Tuohy

Richard Tuohy (b. 1969, Melbourne, Aus.) began making works on super 8 in the late nineteen eighties.  After a significant hiatus from cinema (including formal study in philosophy for seven years) he returned to filmmaking in 2004.  Since then he has created almost 40 films.   His films have screened at venues including the Melbourne IFF, EMAF (Osnabruck), Rotterdam IFF, New York FF, Ann Arbor and Media City and he has toured  Europe and North America presenting solo programs of his work.  In 2009 his film Iron-Wood won first prize (ex aequo) at Abstracta (Rome).

His films are typically highly structured and and have strongly formalist concerns.  He is the proprietor of the artist-run film lab nanolab - the only lab for small gauge film in Australia.  His works are firmly in the 'hand-made' film tradition.  An advocate for the possibilities of hand made cinema, Tuohy has devoted much time and effort in sharing his knowledge through workshops and classes both in his native Australia (notably through the Artist Film Workshop in Melbourne of which he is the founder and convener) and internationally.  He was also a co-founder of the AIEFF experimental film festival in Melbourne.  

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