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Richard Sandler


Recent Reviews

The Gods of Times Square

thoroughly delightul cinema verite ""streeter", excellent camera work, composition and editing a must see, also very funny and compassionate work

Brave New York

This is the purest form of documentary for me: just montage that just threads together with rhythm and occasional repeated motifs such as the moon, drifting music, and repeated personages....

Brave New York

Important glimpse of "old, last legs of LES" and during Sep 11 but perhaps a little too heavy on the street poetry at times while not explaining what was changing...

The Gods of Times Square

Splendid slice of NYC recent history. Thank you, Jesus, if you're out there, for creating these charismatic people and this terrific film.

Subway to the Former East Village

A postcard I wish had not needed to be sent. Alas, Sandler does. And it's gratefully received by this viewer. May you again let the freak flag fly, East Village.