Richard Misek

Richard Misek is a filmmaker and montagist. He was born in Liverpool, and educated at Oxford and Harvard universities. After working for five years as a video editor, he moved to Australia in 2004 to write a PhD in film history at Melbourne University. He has since written numerous academic articles on film and video aesthetics, as well as a book on the history of colour in film (Chromatic Cinema, Wiley-Blackwell, 2010). His main interest is in space-time: how it is represented, manipulated, perceived, and conceived – especially in the form of cities and films. As well as making films, he is also an active video essayist.

Rohmer in Paris is his first feature-length film. It has screened at over twenty festivals in five continents, and at museums and galleries including The National Gallery of Art (Washington), the British Film Institute and the Barbican (London), and Forum des images (Paris).

He is currently a lecturer in digital arts at the University of Kent, where he teaches film-making and conducts research on appropration in film, video and visual art. He lives in London and Helsinki.

More films about cities and film to follow.

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Recent Reviews

Rohmer in Paris

Just to be clear, this is not a documentary on Eric Rohmer or his oeuvre– it's a film essay composed of scenes from Rohmer films with V/O commentary on top....

Rohmer in Paris

To someone not familiar with Rohmer's films, this was an interesting introduction. However, Misek's obsessive and personal digressions throughout the film tended to weaken any objective overall perspective on Rohmer's...

Rohmer in Paris

Charm and enthusiasm make this film a pleasure.

Rohmer in Paris

I can watch anything. I found myself not so much watching this to gain a closer look at Rohmer, after the first half, but to experience the expression of a...

Rohmer in Paris

4 1/2_pretty wonderful throughout_ a few minor complaints_but i like the people the actors watching them over & over a sweet study & love story Rhomer & Paris