Minda Martin

Minda Martin directs personal documentaries and narrative films that explore the underpinnings and disparities of social class in America. Her films, including a.k.a. Kathe and Monsoon St., ’77, have won awards and screened internationally that include Viennale, Punto de Vista, New York Video Festival, MoMA, RedCat, LA Museum of Contemporary Art, MOSTRA, Frameline Lesbian and Gay film festival. Currently, she teaches in the Dept of Communication at California State University, San Marcos.

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Recent Reviews

Far from Afghanistan

we invade we kill destroy become hated if someone invaded your town and blew up your neighborhood how would you feel??? our military industrial complex is the enemy,sucker our youngsters...

Far from Afghanistan

I hate death, I hate weapons too, and rich, greedy, selfish endeavors who want retirements all financed by weapons manufacturers that their retirements are financed by. Poor Afghanistan.