Mike Kuchar


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The Secret of Wendel Samson

I really like Mike Kuchar's films. I loved the cinematography! Yes, the acting is a bit on the overwrought side, but I think he's going for a Douglas Sirk thing....

The Craven Sluck

Terribly good!

Sins of the Fleshapoids

Hilarious! Best low-budget ($800) comedy! Best bad robot performances! Best general air of decadence! Best forerunner of the now tiresome Technology-Will-Bite-US-Back genre! Best lascivious looks (intra humans, intra robots, inter...

The Craven Sluck

Absolutely stunning.

The Craven Sluck

Rolls around on the ground and wallows in outrageous silliness. The whole thing is crazy funny, but the ending and the park bench scene were so hilarious that I had...