Michael Schiller

Michael I Schiller is the Creative Director of The Center for Investigative Reporting, the nation's oldest nonprofit investigative journalism organization. He has worked in the media for the past two decades as a producer, director, writer, designer and photographer.

His short animated documentary, The Box was nominated for a National News and Documentary Emmy for New Approaches and won top honors at the San Francisco International Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival and garnered a "Video Journalism Award" from the Northern California Society of Professional Journalists.

Michael’s  first feature documentary The After Party won three "Best Documentary Feature" awards and a "Freedom of Speech Award" on the  festival circuit. He has published his writing and photos in a bunch of magazines (from "Dwell" to "Inside Kung Fu") and produced radio segments for WNYC/NPR's "Snap Judgement" and "Reveal" from CIR/PRX. Michael worked with Havas Worldwide on digital campaigns for Heineken, Dos Equis, Volvo and lots of other big brands, and spent nearly a decade making films for the music industry.

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Recent Reviews

The Box

Very sad that these kids are not given the mental health intervention they need. Treating prisoners like vermin will never help them get their priorities in order. A teenager who...

The After Party

The film continuously pits "freedom" against "security," and in doing so accepts and reaffirms the very terms of the ideological binary that mystifies class exploitation and imperialist genocide, the true...

The Box

Pretty intense. I really enjoyed the true audio with artistic representation of the situations described. Very artistically done.

The Box

Visually interesting, informative. Lacking any particularly serious insight, but theres something very real here.

The After Party

Pre-Citizenfour (by a decade) surveillance tactics deployed by the New York City Police Department in cooperation with the Republican National Convention. Mass arrests and constitutional violations while Cheney wraps himself...