Michael Harring

Born a military brat during a blizzard on Adak, Alaska, Michael Harring grew up bouncing across the world from Hawaii to Japan. From a young age he was fascinated with words and pictures, and became inspired to self-publish mini-comics and zines in high-school, following the example of independent comic creators like Adrian Tomine, John Porcellino and Jeff LeVine.

Film, however, was always his first love. After years of playing with the family's VHS-C video camera, he finally had the opportunity to gorge himself while majoring in Cinema Studies at the University of Washington. Outside of classes, he also attended the Seattle Film Institute and earned a certificate in filmmaking ensuring that he was fluent in film history, theory and production.

Many short films and music videos followed until he made his first feature film as writer-director, The Mountain, The River and The Road. The late- coming-of-age dramedy, starring Justin Rice and Joe Swanberg, toured film festivals and gained distribution, including screenings on WNET 13 in New York and Sundance Channel International in addition to internet streaming through iTunes, Amazon and others. His second feature, Lauren Is Missing, is currently out to festivals.

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Recent Reviews

The Mountain, the River and the Road

If only there were something even remotely entertaining to be found here.

The Mountain, the River and the Road

Horrible movie for me. It seemed forced and cliched. It's one of those "indie try too hard artsy dialogue centric movies" much like Old Joy (which I also hated) ....

The Mountain, the River and the Road

Loved it. Like a pleasant dream that I've been stirred from. Feeling wistful - wishing to return to this world - knowing I cannot.

The Mountain, the River and the Road

this movie gets better after the first 15 minutes. good movie.