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Mark Pellington

Director-producer Mark Pellington made a name for himself as one of MTV's hottest video directors in the mid-1990s, prior to helming a series of highly-stylized feature films. Working with the music network nearly from its early 1980s inception, Pellington helped establish their hyperkinetic visual aesthetic with his key work on series of promotional shorts and interstitials. He went on to helm music videos for dozens of popular rock acts, including INXS, U2 and Pearl Jam, providing the latter group with the award-winning video for their hit single "Jeremy" in 1992. He began his career as a feature film director with the nostalgic 1950s-era drama, "Going All the Way (1997), starring Jeremy Davies and Ben Affleck. Pellington moved on to more mainstream studio fare with his next features, the psychological thriller, Arlington Road (1999) and the supernatural mystery, The Mothman Prophecies (2002). Following the mixed reactions to both films and the sudden death of his wife in 2004, he returned with smaller, more personal projects, such as Henry Poole is Here (2008) and I Melt with You (2011). Although not one of feature film's more prolific or high-profile directors, Pellington's dedication to the material and his distinctive style of filmmaking were never in dispute.

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Recent Reviews

The Hands That Shaped Me

I agree, the cinematography was beautiful but the connection between the personal event and the music video was not clear. The last half seemed like a cliché music video.

The Hands That Shaped Me

Well, I was hoping for a much better understanding of what actually happened instead of a 15 minute music video. I still have no idea what incident or whose "hands...

The Hands That Shaped Me

fragmented use of symbolism. works to hard to make its point

The Hands That Shaped Me

Beautiful cinematography. Nice music, lovely, heartfelt story.