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Lucien Castaing-Taylor


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Word of advice to all aspiring filmmakers. Never put footage of someone watching a laxative commercial on the screen. Take this advice to heart and never break this rule even...


I was terrified, amazed, horrified, disgusted, enthralled, transformed, exhausted, awed, and felt like I might drown, was drowning, and battered, and flying upside down, and crushed by chains with my...


Should be called "Fisherman Wears a GoPro". Yes, there are some beautiful scenes, but if you wear a GoPro long enough you are bound to accidentally capture some. The art...


Groundbreaking! O.K. Critically acclaimed! Maybe. But it did make me seasick a couple of times. For real.


If you're from Montana the magic of these cowboys might not be very entertaining... Just sayin...