Laura Maxfield

Laura Maxfield made her first short Vibrator a coming of age sex comedy in 2006. Vibrator has gotten almost 2 million views on youtube. After her foray into comedy Laura delved into genre writing and directing with Hunting in 2010. Hunting is a dark psychological thriller about a young woman who goes crazy from stress. Hunting received the award for “Best Horror Film” at the Victoria Independent Film Festival in Australia and was shown at Big Apple Film Festival, LA Shorts, New Hampshire Film Festival, NewFilmmakers New York, POW Fest and others.

Laura's most recent short a Girl, a Cat, a Bomb is another genre film; Science Fiction, which is her first love. It is currently screening at Festivals.  Laura is heavily influenced by the work of Stanley Kubrick and seventies slasher and science fiction films as well as the French New Wave. Most recently she has become an admirer of Ti West, Shane Carruth, and Mike Cahill. Laura has been working in the film industry since 2004 in various areas of production. Recently she has been working as a Post Supervisor on New York City independent films.

She is very proud of her work assisting and being mentored by film directors such as David Wain, and Scott Derrickson both of whom have influenced her as a filmmaker and a professional.

Laura's next project is a Science Fiction feature film collaboration with her husband actor Jordan Douglas Smith. 

[bio courtesy of the filmmaker] 


Recent Reviews


well crafted!


enjoyed this movie, nice and short, but keeps your attention


Wow. The ending was a jolt.