Ken Schneider

Ken Schneider is producer, editor, and sound recordist for PatchWorks Films. He is also an accomplished freelance editor whose credits include award-winning documentaries on a broad range of subjects, from art and literature to war and peace, immigration, disability and social justice. Ken co-edited the feature documentary Regret To Inform, winner of the Peabody Award, Indie Spirit Award and Sundance Film Festival Directing award, as well as the IDA Award for most distinctive use of archival footage. Regret also was nominated for an Academy Award and a National Emmy. He recently co-produced and edited, Soft Vengeance, which premiered at the Full Frame Festival in the U.S. and was featured at the Ford Foundation’s celebration of South Africa’s 20th anniversary of transitioning to democracy early in 2014.

Other editing credits include Bolinao 52 about Vietnamese boat refugees; the PBS American Masters specials Orozco: Man of Fire and Ralph Ellison: An American Journey; P.O.V. special Freedom Machines, about the convergence of disability, technology and civil rights; PBS primetime special The Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight It, which aired on Martin Luther King's birthday and won best historical documentary awards from both the American Historical Association and Organization of American Historians; PBS special and Golden Gate award-winner Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town; Frontline's Columbia-Dupont Award winning School Colors, a look at integration and segregation 40 years after Brown v. Board of Education; and Ancestors in the Americas, Part 2: Pioneers in the American West, about the Chinese-American experience.

Ken has collaborated with Nina Wise, the dancer/performance artist; Charlie Varon, the solo theater performer; Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, Academy award-winning filmmakers, and Richard Beggs, Academy award-winning sound designer, among others. Ken has consulted on dozens of documentaries, and lectures at San Francisco City College, the San Francisco Art Institute, and New York University.

PatchWorks Films specializes in telling stories exploring contemporary social issues through intimate character stories, and building innovative partnerships for their use with NGOs, activists, and advocates. Their award-winning documentaries have been broadcast worldwide and shown at museums, libraries, schools, universities, community centers, street corners, conferences, and film festivals.

Marcia Jarmel and Ken Schneider founded PatchWorks in 1994. Their recent film, Speaking in Tongues, won the Audience Award at the San Francisco Film Festival, and played at festivals from Mumbai to Guangzhou, New York to San Francisco, as well as airing nationally on PBS. They are premiering their latest film, Havana Curveball during the summer of 2014.

Their previous work includes the ITVS-funded Born in the U.S.A., which aired on the PBS series Independent Lens, and was hailed as the "best film on childbirth" by the former director of maternal health at the World Health Organization.  Havana Curveball, premiering summer 2014, is their 4th feature collaboration. It features their oldest son, and is a sequel to Jarmel's first film, The Return of Sarah’s Daughters.

[bio courtesy of the filmmaker]


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