Josh Gibson

Josh Gibson, a North Carolina native, is a Lecturing Fellow at the Duke University Program in the Arts of the Moving Image and graduate faculty member in the Duke University Program in Experimental and Documentary Arts. His films and videos have screened nationally and internationally in such venues as The National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, The Documentary Channel, Edinburgh International Film Festival, SXSW, Tribeca, Slamdance, LA Film Festival, Full Frame, New York Film Festival (Views from the Avant-Garde), Ann Arbor Film Festival and Rotterdam International Film Festival, among many others. He has won top jury prizes at LA Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Black Maria Film Festival, Indie Memphis, Crossroads Film Festival, Indie Grits, Zagreb Dox, DIY Film Festival, Lookout Wild Film Festival and FLEX Film Festival. His current projects explore the intersection of non-fiction practice with hand-made cinematographic explorations.

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Recent Reviews

Kudzu Vine

Moments of life sprouting from the primordial soup of biology are featured in several of Josh's films... at the same time, mysterious, frightening and alluring. He also has a way...

Nile Perch

Beautiful. It's like watching the sun bounce around the ripples and waves of ocean water.

Light Plate

Some of the best shots I've seen in a while.

Nile Perch

Having previously viewed Sauper's "Darwin's Nightmare" (and having found it quite contrived), I found this film to be an insightful examination into the economic structures catalyzed by the Nile Perch...