Jimmy Bontatibus

Jimmy Bontatibus (born 1995) is an American filmmaker currently working out of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Growing up in Seattle, he embarked on his first filmmaking adventure at age 13, breaking into a local apartment complex with a Super 8 camera. In his high school years, he directed four short films: For Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof (2011), Green and Blue Lovers (2012), Slow Interrogation (2013), and Television (2014). He relocated to Sarajevo in 2014 to further pursue his filmmaking in a university setting.

[bio courtesy of the filmmaker] 


Recent Reviews

Green and Blue Lovers

Youth! We only live it once, and this is why.

Green and Blue Lovers

I watched this through, and I can honestly say I have no idea whatit was about. There was no car, nor any mention of a car.

Slow Interrogation

Tow words: Plotless and Boring. There is awkward silence through 85% of the film. And the whole thing has zero plot. Just a "day in the life of" type of...