Jim Tushinski

Jim Tushinski is a writer and independent filmmaker living in Southern California.

His latest documentary, I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole, is based on Dirty Poole, the autobiography of the pioneering independent gay filmmaker.

Jim's first documentary, That Man: Peter Berlin, had its world premiere at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival and was an official selection of over 65 film festivals, including the Seattle, Chicago, Palm Springs, Rio, and Durban International Film Festivals. In January 2006, the documentary opened theatrically to great acclaim. 

His novel, Van Allen's Ecstasy, a finalist for the Ferro-Grumley Award for Fiction and the ISO Violet Quill Award for New Fiction, has been optioned by Guest House Films.

He also co-edited a collection of creative nonfiction by queer writers entitled Identity Envy: Wanting to be Who We're Not (Routledge Publishers), with Jim Van Buskirk. 

Jim is working on several projects revolving around obscure filmmaker Tom Graeff.

Jim's production company, Gorilla Factory Productions, has worked to archive, remaster, restore, and re-release the classic underground films of Peter Berlin and Wakefield Poole.  He is currently working with the boutique DVD company Vinegar Syndrome to complete full restorations and special features for Poole's films.

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