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Jim McBride


Recent Reviews

The Big Easy

first time watching this movie was surprised by how much i liked it as someone who lives in Louisiana i was impressed by how much cajun culture is interjected into...

Glen and Randa

I saw this as a commentary on many in the hippie culture in the aftermath of the exodus from the cities into the countryside. While some were able to adapt...

Glen and Randa

Very late '60s-early'70s vision of a post-Apocalyptic world, pre-Feminist version. The really interesting characters are the older ones (men only) who remember civilization BEFORE...Bonus points for: Amazing wardrobe changes for...

Glen and Randa

I enjoyed the portrayal of such innocence so believably. Unselfconscious acting of compelling characters. Gorgeous visual affect as well, ironies, strange conclusions born of isolation, commentary on our culture.

Glen and Randa

Fascinating as a perspective on how the peace love and understanding hippy culture of the early 70s might conceive of a post apocalypse world. Glen and Randa are guileless feckless...