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Jia Zhangke


Recent Reviews

24 City

A remarkably poignant portrait of the enduring humanity of the Chinese people, in the course of their countries equally impressive economic and cultural evolution. All of these individual stories were...

24 City

China's transition to capitalism, from collective to individual responsibility, from community to alienation.


I found this to be a very fine film, though the opening section is, perhaps, longer than necessary, and some of the scenes in Thailand play too heavily with cleverness,...

24 City

The transformation of an old factory into an ultra-modern urban housing/commercial development is the surface subject. But even more striking to me is the way each worker "interviewed" describes how...

24 City

Perhaps a bit slow paced for main stream audiences, but an incredibly insightful view into China by someone who is obviously a mature, gifted, and intelligent filmmaker. The weaving together...