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Jerzy Rose

Jerzy Rose is an independent movie director working in Chicago. His recent movies are funny narratives about meanies and perverts in academia characterized by shambolic satire and absurdist humor. His earlier films are mostly about inarticulate men lusting after fictionalized versions of historical figures. He has screened at Slamdance Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Boston Underground Film Festival, Atlanta Underground Film Festival, Wisconsin Film Festival, The International Surrealist Film Festival, White Sands International Film Festival and the New Jersey Film Festival.

[bio courtesy of the filmmaker]


Recent Reviews

Crimes Against Humanity

Much of the dialogue feels like it should be funny, but it is too often hampered by wooden performances (with the exception of Lyra Hill); the boyfriend's passive-aggression, for example,...

Neighborhood Food Drive

the opening two scenes are some of the most bizarre interactions and sequences put to film. the rest of the movie normalizes a bit but keeps a very endearing stiltedness...

Neighborhood Food Drive

Very funny, very strange. Terrific performances by the three female leads. Crazy score. Love.

Crimes Against Humanity

It got my attention for being filmed at the good ol' U of C, where I actually wouldn't be all that surprised to find an administrative witch-hunt being waged against...