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Jerry Blumenthal


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Chicago Maternity Center Story

I was delivered at home by someone from Chicago Maternity Center on September 18, 1965 at 1:40 AM at 2337 West Mc Lean, Chicago, Illinois. Thomas Sanday SMS

Golub: Late Works are the Catastrophes

A good representation of the thoughts and processes of the artist. I was barely familiar with his work before-- recognized his style-- but this documentary helped to bring him into...

Now We Live on Clifton

Great film, but a heartbreaking subject matter.

The Last Pullman Car

A competent film about the Pullman workers and their attempt to keep the factory open. It is OK, but nowhere near as good as the film, American Dream, about the...

Now We Live on Clifton

Nice little documentary. I am glad fandor makes these small forgotten films available. Thanks.