Jenny Gräf Sheppard

Jenny Gräf is a sound, video and performance artist who explores peripheral places and states through composition, improvisation and participatory works.  In Gräf's art she invokes immersion and rupture to explore changing perceptions of diegesis and space, formal choices rooted in a deep interest in social roles and behaviors. Largely known for her experimentation in live improvised sound performances using tactile, non-conventional instruments, Gräf's work includes long-term collaborative projects designed for women with Alzheimer's in order to expand understanding of self and personal agency in alternative narrative forms. She has performed and exhibited widely throughout Europe, Canada and the U.S..

[bio courtesy of the filmmaker] 


Recent Reviews

Proud Flesh

I had no idea that ayahuasca & tuvan throat-singing could afford one a do-over in life to the point where you got to meet the person you would have become...

Proud Flesh

Appallingly artsy