Jennifer Anderson

Independent filmmakers Vernon Lott and Jennifer Anderson have completed two previous feature-length documentaries. Bad Writingtheir first film, was hailed by the Wall Street Journal as "charming and smartly conceived." Their second film, Confluence, won the Special Jury Prize at the 2011 Local Sightings Film Festival, and was called "compelling" and "soulful" by the Seattle Times.

They live in Lewiston, Idaho, with their three unruly dogs.

[bio courtesy of the filmmakers] 


Recent Reviews

Massacred for Gold

Well they did the best they could with as little to work with in this little known incident. I understand that the original Oregon constitution prohibited black people from living...

Massacred for Gold

The premise had promise, but if you want to put your audience to sleep fast, this is just the ticket. Endless video of rivers and land, old photographs, a droning...

Massacred for Gold

a beautiful , tragically sad and moving story of the West, not that far from where I live and not all that long ago, thanx fandor for yet another gem