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J. Stuart Blackton


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Little Nemo

Fascinating contrast between the black and white film and the colorized animation. Little Nemo has always been a favorite comic of mine. This is such a treat!

Little Nemo

In the history of cartoon animation, this is Kitty Hawk. The 4,000 hand-drawn, HAND-COLORED illustrations that bring Winsor McCay's characters to life don't actually appear until the final two minutes...

Little Nemo

Brilliant. How little we have progressed imaginatively since 1911. As to the black meta-african figure, i don't think that figure is racist; the cartoonist is making fun of cigar smokers...

Little Nemo

The way this animation is presented is quite interesting. The painstakingly hand draw frames gave the impression of third dimensional space. Some beautiful animation, but also some unexpectedly racist themes.

Firemen Rescuing Men and Women

Reviewing because the more I rate the better recommendations Fandor will give me.