Henry Corra

Henry Corra is a filmmaker and Sundance Institute Fellow, best known for pioneering Living Cinema, his unique style of nonfiction. Corra's films have been exhibited worldwide in theatrical venues and broadcast by outlets such as HBO, Showtime, LOGO, CBS, PBS, VH1, Arte and Channel 4. His work has also been shown in museum and cultural venues internationally including MoMA, The Louvre, and the National Gallery of Art. He has also done episodic TV projects for broadcasters including MTV, VH1, Bravo, and the Sundance Channel. In addition to his film work, Corra has been singled out as out as one of the foremost directors of real people commercials in America.

Corra's films are characterized by a deep and intense relationship with his subjects, his painterly eye, and his novelist sensibility. In this unscripted approach, Corra emotionally embeds himself in his subject's stories where no one knows the outcome. His subjects are complicit in the not knowing and become collaborators with Corra in the creation of the films based on their lives. Corra strives to achieve a lightness or magical dimension as a counterbalance to the often blunt brutality of the real life situations they depict. While it is an impossible task, it is the tension between this striving for lightness and the weight of his subject's experience that creates the emotional depth and lyrical power of his work.

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