Hal Roach


Recent Reviews

Two Gun Gussie

A twelve year old outsmarts Cowboy Mario and kisses Major Barbara. Cute.

Captain Kidd's Kids

It took several years for Harold Lloyd, the third member of the great silent comedy triumvirate that included Chaplin, and Keaton, to develop his trademark character, the hapless bespectacled hero...

Ring Up the Curtain

The great Harold Lloyd in a state of transition:He's wearing those trademark glasses, but he hasn't really developed the hapless go-getter of "Safety Last" and his other hits. Here, Lloyd...

Number, Please?

Views of Ocean Park and I assume Venice & Santa Monica are incredible - particularly the amusement park stuff. Moves quite well overall, an advance on Sennett humor certainly but...

The City Slicker

Harold Lloyd is excellent as the city slicker. Great gymnastic stunts. The costumes are terrific. The story although corny is fun due to contributions by the ensemble.