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Gerald Potterton


Recent Reviews

The Ride

Standard slapstick situations relying on physical humor that unfortunately didn't come across as funny either. Someone else may like it.

Christmas Cracker

“Christmas Cracker” is a joyful film to watch but a tedious one to endure. Joyful as we watch something that is created with love and passion by (what I assume...

The Ride

Recommended as nice cheesy comedy! I feel as though so much is captured here so well and the social commentary is seemingly still fresh. I found it to be a...

Christmas Cracker

This is a true Holiday treat, full of minimal, mid-century imagery and color. In a weird and wonderful way, this reminded me of the Sears Christmas Wishbooks I used to...

The Railrodder

Classic. Who better to see Canada with than Buster Keaton? Nobody I know.