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George King


Recent Reviews

Scarlet Heaven

This guy is a frustrated chemist working a carnival act with a total b.... of a wife. He falls for the cotton candy gal and decides to dispatch the wife...

The Case of the Frightened Lady

The Lebanon's have been around since Cesaer it seems however there is a problem in the heir department. Seems the only son is barking mad as was his papa, so...

The Face at the Window

A delightfully camp romp through fin de si├Ęcle Paris, complete with plummy English accents, terrifically bad acting and a moustachioed, caped, top-hat-wearing villain who actually says "MUHAHAHAHAHA" after every wicked...

The Shop at Sly Corner

Well done little crime story. Diana Dors, as an added bonus.

Tomorrow We Live

Not a classic, but classical. One of the many movies made during the war to help those at home see the darkened underbelly of war. Modestly entertaining, and always visually...