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Frank V. Ross


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Audrey the Trainwreck

Why was it called Audrey the Trainwreck? It was pleasant enough, pretty good in parts. Poor ending. Marginally worth watching.

Audrey the Trainwreck

Not a bad movie. Great performances by the cast, but overall the film meandered a little too much. Wish I could figure out the title.

Audrey the Trainwreck

Mildly interesting. Should have been funny, not a drama.

Tiger Tail in Blue

Frank V. Ross pulls off a very nuanced bit of Surrealism in this otherwise painfully realistic study of a young married couple dealing with competing job schedules to find time...

Audrey the Trainwreck

Anthony J. Baker and Alexi Wasser give great performances in this rambling movie that seems to be trying to say something but never quite articulates a full idea. Unless this...