Frank Mosley

Frank Mosley has been called "a superb actor and filmmaker" (Roger and "the sort of experimentalist we don't see often enough...thoughtful, approachable, and unpretentiously curious about the nature of motion-picture artifice" (Keyframe). He is an alumnus of the 2015 Berlinale Talents and a graduate of Black Factory Cinema's 2016 Workshop for Auteurs with Abbas Kiarostami, held at the International School of Cinema and Television (EICTV) in San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba. His directing work is available exclusively on Fandor, including his sophomore feature Her Wilderness, which has been called "a unique work with a distinctive voice" (Indiewire), "a vibrant fantasy that transcends the narrative form" (Smells Like Screen Spirit), and "at once alien and achingly resonant...burrows deep into your subconscious like a vivid fever dream" (Indie Outlook). He's acted in films such as Shane Carruth's 2013 Sundance winner Upstream Color, Daniel Patrick Carbone's segment in the omnibus Collective Unconscious, Calvin Reeder's companion films THE BULB and 2016 Sundance winner The Procedure, Jon Jost's final film They Had It Coming, Zachary Shedd's Americana, Eric Steele's Cork's Cattlebaron, and Cameron Bruce Nelson's 2014 IFP Narrative Labs feature Some Beasts, where his work was called "one of his best performances to date" (Hammer To Nail), "a subtle, quiet miracle....a career making performance with physical choices that leap off the screen" (Truth On Cinema), and won him the Independent Visions Special Jury Prize for Outstanding Performance at the 2016 Sarasota Film Festival.

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Recent Reviews


plot moves too slow. not sure what eric's problem was.

Her Wilderness

This is beautifully filmed and competently directed but all is lost with the shoddy sound. Please go back and have a sound editor re-record the dialogue, foley and soundtrack. This...

Two Story

What is the point of this film? To train realtors in their presentations? What else?

Two Story

i don't care about any of it

Her Wilderness

visually well done_all of it quite good_not crazy about the dialog_that part(the story i guess seemed forced) _ little girl walking is a nice add