François Jaros

François Jaros started directing commercials at a very young age, since directing more than a hundred and fifty of them. He has also directed music videos and two television series. In 2012, he wrote, directed, shot and edited Daytona, a fiction short film centered around the Spring Break, bending the limits between fiction and documentary. The following year, his short Life’s a Bitch (Toutes des connes), a fast-paced comedy, went on to be featured in more than sixty festivals, including Sundance and Telluride. It won several awards, including the Jutra (Quebec’s Academy Awards). In 2015, in another change of registry, he released Maurice, a short film that deals with the issue of death with dignity.

[bio courtesy of the filmmaker] 


Recent Reviews

Toutes des connes

no wasted shots. tells much with little.

Toutes des connes

kind of a guy flick

Toutes des connes

Sad biker.

Toutes des connes

I smiled the entire five minutes. Hollywood attempts to tell this type of story by making two hours piles of garbage whereas this film maker brilliantly tells the story in...


A great short film that really makes you think about life and how precious it is. Quite riveting and very nicely done.