Elza Kephart

Montreal born Elza Kephart graduated from Emerson College (Boston) with a BFA in Film Production and Screenwriting. She then returned to her hometown where she wrote and directed her first feature, Graveyard Alive. Since its premiere in 2003 the film has screened in over 20 international film festivals and garnered numerous awards, as well as being picked up for distribution and international sales. 

Kephart has since attended the Canadian Film Centre’s Director’s Lab, the TIFF Talent Lab, and the Berlinale Talent Campus, and juried for the SODEC on several selection committees. She has received numerous development grants from SODEC, Telefilm and CALQ. Her second feature, Go In The Wilderness, premiered at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in 2013. To fill the remainder of her coffers she works on Hollywood sequels.

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Recent Reviews

Go in the Wilderness

not bad film

Go in the Wilderness

All of the movie is gorgeous, but the curious Lilith’s first impression of the world through stone, sea urchins, blood and lichen is unforgettable. This version of the Fall and...

Go in the Wilderness

I liked the scenery and was hoping this would be good, but the way "the garden" was nothing but sunflowers and apples and there was no meaning to any of...

Go in the Wilderness

The film is helpful in bringing together at least two of the myths prominent in christian and Jewish beliefs. I hoped at first seeing a female form, that we might...