Daniel Stuyck

Daniel Stuyck is a filmmaker in Austin, TX, where he also runs his own color and title design firm. His critical writings on film have appeared in Film CommentCinema Scope and Vertigo, among others. A one-time film projectionist as well, he really digs this whole cinema thing.

[bio courtesy of the filmmaker] 


Recent Reviews

The Eternal

cast incorrectly credited

The Eternal

I loved this short suspense film. Just Excellent.

The Past is a Foreign Country

I was disappointed in this documentary. I thought it was going to be about John H Jenkins III. It's prologue talked about him being found shot in the back of...

The Eternal

Risky Business is more "krautrock" this. At least Tangerine Dream did the soundtrack there. This is some really lazy writing.


Interesting idea. I liked the colors. Seemed like an experiment for use in another project.