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Curtis Harrington


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Night Tide

Never go scuba diving with a mermaid. This film has sort-of a cool beatnik vibe, even though Dennis Hopper is a clean-cut sailor. Hopper is awkward and unassuming and delivers...

Night Tide

A horror film reminiscent of the poetic fantasies produced by Val Lewton in the 1940s. Dennis Hopper was never gentler.

Night Tide

Such an incredible movie. Just as special now as when a friend showed it to me around 15 years ago. In fact, this movie was my accidental introduction to the...


this is one tremendous fright in film ,superior acting scary and extremely unsettling to watch having all the elements of a first rate horror movie, very well made Piper laurie...

Night Tide

A beauty of a film, somewhat flawed by stilted dialogue. Worth viewing to see Dennis Hopper as a drop-dead gorgeous, if somewhat stunned-looking young man and fascinating, gritty bar room...