Chuck Hudina

Chuck Hudina is a filmmaker, photographer and mixed-media artist. He freelances as a cameraman and has lived in the Bay Area for 35 years. Born in Cleveland , Ohio in 1952...his first documentary Grease 1974 was about growing up in Collinwood, urban neighborhood with race riots. He attended the University of Iowa from 1971-1975 earning a B.A in Film and from 1975-1977 earning an M.A in Multimedia from Hans Breder. While in this program he shot films with artists Charles Ray and Ana Mendieta. It was in Iowa City that he completed his second documentary feature, Howie 1978. He joined Canyon Cinema in 1980 and moved to the Fillmore neighborhood in San Francisco. There he began a street film that is nearing completion... In The City... and finished his third documentary feature, Tenderloin Blues 1987. He came out west to San Francisco to work in the clear light and shot Kodachrome 25 stills from 1980-1990. [] Moving to Napa for thee years , 2002-2005 He worked with the Rene DeRosa Art and Nature Preserve and made mixed-media art objects. [] He has also worked with Craig Baldwin on the multi-projector Glass Haus raves 1985-1987 in SOMA. From that experience, he developed his own thee projector piece called WORLD IN A CAMERA. Chuck Hudina has three feature documentaries that are in currently in post-production and continues to do his SIGNS and SYMBOLS of the CITY. He Surfs, Mountain Bikes, soaks in Hot Springs and lives in Bolinas, California. 

[bio courtesy of filmmaker] 


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