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Christopher Hansen

Chris Hansen is an award-winning writer and director, currently with four diverse feature films under his belt. His filmography includes the powerful relationship drama Where We Started, the hilarious mockumentary The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah, the touching road movie Endings, and the autobiographical Clean Freak.

He is also Director of the Film & Digital Media program at Baylor University, teaching Directing and Screenwriting; and what little spare time he has is spent tending to his four daughters with the help of his beautiful wife.

[bio courtesy of the filmmaker]


Recent Reviews

Clean Freak

I thought this was pretty humorous, and, since it was autobiographical, it was fine by me that he made light of his own affliction. I appreciated the commentary about the...

Clean Freak

Dumb and uninteresting. Not funny or informative. Amateurish and cutesy. Don't bother.

Clean Freak

Wish the subject had been treated a little more seriously. Most (though not all) of the attempts at humor throughout failed and were just awkward at best. Would like to...

Clean Freak

Witty, personal film about one man's exploration about his mild OCD/freakhood. Good ending, music. What's up with that creepy, freak hypnotherapist???

Clean Freak

Pretty bad sense of humor. He comes across as being insincere. This is not a documentary.