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Chris Marker


Recent Reviews

The Embassy

Believable and powerful docudrama — made even more so by the use of super 8. Worth watching even for non-Chris Marker fans.

Remembrance of Things to Come

Those who cannot remember the future are condemned to live through it.

Far from Vietnam

If you are interested in the history of Vietnam War, especially resistance to the war, you really need to see this. Resnais and Godard contribute their critique of the war,...

The Case of the Grinning Cat

Street art and protest footage on miniDV. A few brilliant editing moments and several unforgivable cheeseball moments. Not enough real life cats (specifically the feline named Boléro). All in all,...

The Embassy

Remarkable, as a film with Chris Marker's name attached is almost certain to be. This one is shot within the embassy between 9/11', 1973, and the first "safe conduct" into...