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Charlie Ahearn


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Doin' Time in Times Square

Though I liked this film very much, I didn't respond well to the inside, domestic materials, which, to me, seemed forced, an imposition. On the other hand, they did help...

Fear of Fiction

i was going to bail at the start_ the reading at the beginning just seemed lame_ but i liked Sigrid so i stuck w it_& i like red & tom...

Doin' Time in Times Square

I grew up across the river in NJ. I used to walk these streets with my cousin and my friends looking at the adult book stores and XXX movie theatres....

Doin' Time in Times Square

Nothing new for me.

Doin' Time in Times Square

Great little short film. I really liked this as it showed Times square in it's early 1980's period of seedy/dirty/grityness glory. A time capsule.