Bill Kinder

Bill Kinder combines his documentary background with a deep appreciation for film history to create smart, topical independent films – narrative, non-fiction, or – as in the case of his first feature film White Rabbit – both. Produced by his fiercely independent production company, Boxcar Pictures, the award-winning festival fave was lauded by the San Jose Mercury as a "must-see" post-Iraq War noir thriller.

Based in Berkeley, CA, Kinder founded Pixar’s Editorial & Post department – which became known as the "hub of the wheel" for an unprecedented string of critically-acclaimed, box office winners from the renowned animation studio. Before leading that studio’s pioneering efforts in Digital Cinema, Kinder was the Director of Post Production Facilities at the birthplace of electronic cinema – American Zoetrope in San Francisco. There he contributed to the finishing of feature films for Francis Ford Coppola, and brought that director's Storyboard Department into the digital era.

Kinder began his career producing boundary-pushing television news, sports and other live programming; editing countless commercials; and creating experimental art and non-fiction films – the most celebrated of which is 1989’s Emmy-nominated Dangerous Company, which exposed the rise of California's prison-industrial complex.

In addition to developing ongoing feature film projects, Kinder has written a media-rich e-Book about the pioneering contribution of film editors to the evolution of computer animation and – now that nearly every film is made and seen digitally – filmmaking in the 21st century. Inspired by the potential to extend the culture of cinema on-line, he continues to experiment with personal video essays about media and film history for real and virtual communities.

Kinder is a graduate of the Semiotics program at Brown University. He has also studied at the University of East Anglia and the Rhode Island School of Design. Kinder is often invited to speak to industry groups on the subjects of producing, editing, and mastering digital films; his writings have been published in books, articles, and on-line.

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Recent Reviews

White Rabbit

It had the makings of an interesting film, but again, it put me to sleep

White Rabbit

Excellent portrayal of inherent conflicts of war veteran returning home and trying to re`enter society. Especially significant as the film portrays a female war veteran. Various characters that help/ hinder...

White Rabbit

great movie