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Astra Taylor


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If you're interested in Zizek but too intimidated to pick up his books, watch this first. It's a joyride of an introduction - Zizek's eccentric personality (and obvious irritation that...


Not that it's in any way a bad doc, but one gets the feeling while watching that it's Zizek, and Zizek alone, that makes the film really worthwhile. Only at...


Zizek sure says a lot of stuff. I think of him more as an entertainer than a philosopher, who has to keep speaking and mesmerizing so we don't realize that...

Examined Life

This was interesting but I would have appreciated more depth. It bears a couple of viewings though so it does cram a bit into a little space.


I recently watched The Perverts Guide to Ideology which inspired me to check out this documentary. Zizek presents his thoughts in an interesting, often entertaining manner, and seems to be...