Ashley Sabin

David Redmon and Ashley Sabin produce, direct, edit and photograph documentaries including: Mardi Gras: Made in China (2005), Kamp Katrina (2007), Intimidad (2008), Invisible Girlfriend (2009), Girl Model (2011) Downeast (2012), Kingdom of Animal (2012), Night Labor (2013), Choreography (2014), and more recently Herd (2015).  Their intimate and intricately crafted documentaries have won a variety of film festival awards and their work has aired on television stations throughout the world. Redmon received his PhD in sociology from the University at Albany, State University of New York and is a former Radcliffe Fellow at Harvard University. Redmon is now a lecturer at the University of Kent.  Sabin received her BA in Art History from Pratt Institute and obtained an MFA on a Fulbright scholarship from Concordia University.

[bio courtesy of the filmmakers] 


Recent Reviews


Louis A.'s review says it all, a "universal message." We can learn a lot about our own lives, what love there may be in it, what we should be more...

Girl Model

This film was an eye-opener for me. My view of modeling was far less glamorous than what it portrayed in this documentary. The camera work and editing are well done.

Girl Model

Informative, interesting, and sad what the industry does to and how everyone exploits these young innocent young women and their families.


Great documentary! I liked it a lot! I am from a poor state of Mexico and it showed exactly what are the living conditions of most of the people. Well...


I would vote for watching this...