Andrew Kim

Andrew Kim is a filmmaker whose work involves the tension that exists between magic and science as suggested by analogue filmmaking and various photochemical processes. In his films, the mechanics of motion pictures are employed to understand abstract concepts, feelings, and ideas. With a concern for expanding the documentary form, Andrew attempts to find ways for film to articulate a new kind of knowledge.    

His films have screened at a variety of venues and festivals including the Ann Arbor Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Festival du Nouveau Cinema (Montreal), Images Festival (Toronto), BAFICI (Buenos Aries), UnionDocs, and Los Angeles Filmforum, among others. Andrew lives in Los Angeles, California. There he is a staff member at the Echo Park Film Center and teaches film production at the California Institute of the Arts.     

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Recent Reviews

Colon, Michigan

Hurray for quirky, small-town Americana, and films that introduce us to these weird/wonderful little places. The world around us seems to be spinning faster and faster and faster, into a...

Colon, Michigan

Nice little document. I really had to crank up the volume on this one, but if that was the intention of the film maker to create a subdued ambiance than...

On the Feasibility of Light Amplification

This is visual music, and I love visual music as an expression of the avante-garde. But in this case, there is little artistry in the images attached to a hard...

Standards of Perfection

So unexpectedly the last moments of this film made me cry. The horse's voice brought me way back to my inner horsewoman, abandoned so long ago, and made me regret...

On the Feasibility of Light Amplification

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