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Andrei Tarkovsky


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Simply one of the best films from one of the masters. Nostalghia is Tarkovsky's most quiet, meditative and existential film, filled with the uncertainties of being, the mysteries of character...

The Sacrifice

Easily four star. The only reason it's not five is really quite picky, but my senses didn't tell me that it is a great film. Having seen the excellent Documentary...

The Sacrifice

There are auteurs, film directors, artistic geniuses, legendary moviemakers and then there is Andrei Tarkovsky. The Sacrifice is one of the most underrated films of all-time. Once the historians catch...

The Sacrifice

Tarkovsky's final film may not be his finest, but it offers an emotional punch that is both surprising and unforgettable.

The Sacrifice

I initially watched this film because the cinematographer was Sven Nykvist who worked extensively with Ingmar Bergman. This was a film that was slow paced and a little tedious in...