Amanda Katz

Amanda Katz is a filmmaker who draws upon documentary, experimental, and performative modes to explore the intersection of the public and private, paying special attention to the way the built environment frames everyday life. Her films have received grants from institutions such as the New York State Council on the Arts and The Austrian Cultural Forum in New York. She works professionally as a Film Editor and is an Adjunct Lecturer of Media Studies at Hunter College– City University of New York. Additionally, she proudly serves on the board for the avant-garde distribution organization The Film-Makers’ Cooperative. Her work has screened at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, DOCNYC, Microscope Gallery, EDOCS, and Antimatter Media Art amongst others, and she’s currently an MFA candidate in Integrated Media Arts at Hunter College.

[bio courtesty of the filmmaker, photo credit: Josh Lewis] 


Recent Reviews

As You Pass By

No focus, random overlong scenes, what was the point?

As You Pass By

I didn't dislike the film per se, but the description created misleading impressions about this, at least in my opinion.

Early 12 New York Song

I thought this was excellent. Total control of media while still expressing an exciting idea. Professional and creative, an unusual combination.