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Alexander Sokurov


Recent Reviews

Russian Ark

Meh. Basically an excuse a tour of the Hermitage. Some of the costumed scenes, with casts of 1000's, are fun. Not recommended.

Save and Protect

Well worth viewing again. very well acted, and visually powerful. It is interesting that Surrealism is employed to tell the story. Is there in fact a true gap between sensual...

Russian Ark

This film is almost unique in it's respect for its audience. The director assumes at least basic knowledge of the subject, whether it be Russian history, architecture or European art,...

Russian Ark

The Russian Ark, much like Russian history itself, never ceases to amaze. Sokurov's--outside of Mother and Son--crowning achievement. At the time the film was shot it was certainly innovative in...

Whispering Pages

One of the most textural films I've ever seen. The surfaces breathe with a life of their own, as suggested by the puffs of fog or smoke that constantly drift...