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Aleksei Uchitel


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4-5 stars, typical russian film sad but with great detail, military detail.

The Edge

Beneath the brutality and dramatic story line, there is a poetic resonance that comes through in the gazing without speaking, not just from the major characters, but the people as...

The Edge

a gem of Russian cinema! fine performances, good story and action, the real stars are the train and of course the Russian Bear lol thanx fandor

The Edge

4 ½ Engaging adventure vividly portrays the cold, squalor and casual brutality of late-Stalinist exile in the Siberian wilderness while rough humor and charismatic Mashkov as the monomaniacal engineer warm...

The Edge

I thought this was a nearly great movie. It definitely has the feel of a Russian (ne' Soviet) production. The actors are rough, and the extras are obviously nothing but...