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Ahmed Imamović


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Go West

In different ways the movie explores the multi-dimensional nature of life, where truth is only glimpsed but never found, and everything moves over a sea of sadness.


totally wonderful beautiful painful film_Sadžida Šetic - Ruvejda _is wonderful actually the whole cast is_the use of color here is powerful & well done_i didn't pay any attention to this...

Go West

war is so stupid so is religion_i almost stopped watching in the beginning but i like most of it_actually interesting i never knew how insane this war was_only a few...

Go West

Hauntingly beautiful. The movie is long - at times shocking, sometimes dismal but with a few bits of comic relief now and then. One of the most overpowering and dramatic...

Go West

Inspirational heart and soul and strenght in life struggle story.