Agnès Varda


Recent Reviews

T'as de beaux escaliers, tu sais

It's a beautiful, humorous quirky tribute to cinema using 'found' footage and footage she shot herself. It's a fine three minute film that captures what I love about 'going to...

The Gleaners and I

I love Agnes Varda's work so much! I was late to the game, having never heard of her before Beaches of Agnes came out. I used to volunteer at a...

Salut les Cubains

Enjoyed the music and the photos of Cuba. Liked the way the photos were placed to the beat of the music. The narrators voices were engaging.

Jane B. par Agnes V.

This patchwork quilt of a film has no direction, and wasn't intended to have any. It does have a focus- many different portraits of Jane Birkin and it will delight...


No one is sitting in a chair talking here. This is how a documentary should be!