Yevgeny Mironov

Yevgeny Mironov (Russian: Евгений Витальевич Миронов; born November 29, 1966) is a Russian film and stage actor, Meritorious Artist of Russian Federation (1996), People's Artist of Russia (2004), State Prize of the Russian Federation laureate (1996, 2010). Yevgeny Mironov lives and works in Moscow, Russia. Yevgeny Mironov was born in Saratov. The family lived in a small military town then called Tatis. Yevgeny’s father was a professional chauffeur, his mother changed jobs – from saleswoman to a Christmas ornaments manufacturer. The Mironovs, avid amateur performers, were artistic and creative people in their everyday life. Mironov as a child took acting classes, joined an amateur dance group and graduated from music school as an accordion player. He and his younger sister Oksana put on puppet shows for which they made their own puppets, wrote scripts and then performed in front of relatives. In school, Yevgeny put on and acted in plays and musicals, often of his own creation. Oksana Mironova, now a ballet dancer, studied at the Saratov School of Choreography and later at the St. Petersburg Vaganova Ballet Academy.


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