Watazumi Doso

Watazumi Doso (海童道祖) Roshi (1910 - December 14, 1992) was a master of the end-blown Japanese bamboo flute. He studied Rinzai Zen, attaining the title of roshi. In the 1950s, Watazumi assembled the Dokyoku Honkyoku repertoire of pieces. Watazumi played the unlacquered hocchiku, in contrast with the modern shakuhachi, stressing that to truly understand nature and oneself, one had to use an instrument of the most raw and natural origin. This belief inspired him to create and lead the Watazumido (or "Way of Watazumi") school of spiritual discipline. He frequently performed on quite large bass instruments. Watazumi was also referred to as Watazumi-do Shuso (also spelled Watazumido Shuso or Watazumido-Shuso), "shuso" meaning "head student," a Zen term referring to the student selected by the Zen master to instruct the other students. In addition to the hocchiku, Watazumi used and recommended the Jo stick for exercise, invigoration, and strengthening.


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