W. Scott Darling

William Scott Darling (May 28, 1898 - October 29, 1951) was a Canadian-born writer and a pioneer screenwriter and film director in the Hollywood motion picture industry. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Scott Darling embarked on a career as a writer, primarily doing humor stories for magazines. He married Eleanor Fried with whom he had a daughter Gretchen (1915–1994) who became a stage actress and playwright. In 1914, Scott Darling was hired by the Kalem Company of New York City to work at their California studios writing the scripts for the adventure film serial The Hazards of Helen. So successful were the short films that the job would last more than two years with Darling writing 119 episodes of what became the longest serial ever made at 23.8 hours. When finished writing the exhausting serial he took a year off then in 1918 accepted an offer from fellow Ontarians Charles and Al Christie to write short comedy films for their Christie Film Company. In 1921, Carl Laemmle at Universal Studios lured Scott Darling away from Christie Films with the promise of an opportunity to direct in addition to writing screenplays.



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