Thomas Wiseman

Thomas Wiseman (Vienna, 1931) is British author, playwright and screenwriter. Thomas Wiseman (original name Alphons Weissmann) was born in Vienna in 1931, of Jewish parentage, and escaped to England with his mother in 1939, shortly before the outbreak of war. His father, an officer in the First World War, had arranged their escape with his contacts in high places, but he remained behind, believing he could rely on these "contacts" to protect him. In this he was ultimately to be proved mistaken, and he died in Buchenwald concentration camp. Elements of this story have feature in three of Wiseman's most highly regarded novels, The Quick and the Dead, Journey of A Man, The Time Before the War, and in his play The Dealer. After the end of the war Wiseman began his career in journalism, aged 16, on a London local newspaper, the West London Observer, where he did all the usual reporting and in addition wrote trenchant film, theatre and book reviews which got him banned from Press showings for the critics, but also brought him to the attention of Lord Beaverbrook. As a result he was hired by the London Evening Standard to write their showbiz column.



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